Laser Lipo Frequently Asked Questions

A full explanation of the treatments and aftercare will be discussed at consultation.
Any questions or worries you have will be answered at that time.

How does Laser Lipo work?
A non-invasive treatment that you should consider before surgery. Say no to Liposuction or crash diets! This new innovative laser technology will break down the fat cells and promote the triglyceride in the cells overflow. The fat cells are significantly reduced, achieving weight loss immediately. At the same time, the outflow of the glycerol and free acids are decomposed in part by capillaries and lymphatic microtubule, partly transformed into energy by movement, and partly excreted by the kidneys. The Allwhite3000 Slim Light can reduce from 5-15cm of body fat after a single treatment. The procedure is fast, relaxing and effective on any body parts without causing any side effects to the client.

How many treatments is required?
It is recommended to have 2 treatments per week for 4 weeks.

Does it hurt?
No pain at all.

How long is the treatment?
The Laser Lipo treatment takes about 30- 40 mins.

How will I monitor the results?
We measure your before and after at every session.